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Stealth Tuned Low Profile Antenna for GMRS and UHF

Stealth Tuned Low Profile Antenna for GMRS and UHF

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This low profile GMRS & UHF Stealth Antenna is an ideal solution for your GMRS and UHF mobile radio. Its small size won't catch on brush and low branches, making it perfect for trail rides.

• Only 3.25" tall
• NMO mount
• Can be used with or without a ground plane
• 450-480 MHz / 2.0 dBi Gain

Click here to view the UHF Stealth Antenna Data Sheet.

Note: This Non Ground Plane Stealth antenna was designed for applications where a metal ground plane (such as a steel or aluminum) is not available.  This design makes it perfect for mounting on a roll bar, fabricated tab, and other similar mounts.  It will also work well on non-metallic roofs such as plastic or fiberglass.  NOT intended for ground plane applications such as a steel or aluminum roof.

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