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RRP102 Dual Radio Interface for Rugged Intercoms

RRP102 Dual Radio Interface for Rugged Intercoms

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The RRP102 easily connects 2 mobile or handheld radios to any Rugged intercom system. Powerful clear communications, rugged design, and quick and easy to install!

Ideal for when you have to communicate with groups using different bandwidths, such as Jeeps that have both a CB radio and a VHF/UHF radio.


  • Dual radio ports
  • Quick Lock™ easy install connections
  • Receives input from both radios
  • Rubber coated, water-resistant, radio toggle switch
  • 100% shielded RF housing


Rugged Quick Lock™ connectors provide fast reliable installation that is easily configured. Rugged eliminates timely soldering and RF interference with a large selection of Quick Lock™ pre assembled intercom, 2-way radio, and cell phone cables.


Designed to last, the RRP102 features a extruded aluminum construction to dramatically reduce RF interference, gaskets to seal out moisture and dust, L-bracket mounting, surface mount circuit design for clear audio performance, and rugged Quick Lock™ cables with 100% shielding to reduce RF interference.


Transmit selection between radios allows user to monitor on both radios at the same time, and choose which radio to transmit through.

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