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Child Sized H22 Ultimate Over The Head (OTH) Headset for Intercoms

Child Sized H22 Ultimate Over The Head (OTH) Headset for Intercoms

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The Ultimate Headset for Kids! Your family will love staying connected on the trails with style and performance paired with a truly customized fit. All day comfort features make this headset a must-have for family UTV recreation. Featuring a hard-wired straight cord, dynamic flex boom mic, comfort pillow head-pad, the H22 is the Ultimate "all in one" performance headset.


  • Flex Boom Mic

  • Custom fit comfort headband

  • M101 Red dynamic noise cancelling mic

  • Hard wired coil cord

  • Molded Offroad plug

  • Comfort Pillow Top head pad

  • Large comfortable gel ear seals

  • Cloth Ear Covers included!

  • Easy to use volume control

The adjustable, stainless steel headband allows you to change the fit of the headset without sacrificing tension, allowing for a truly custom, no compromise fit.

Our H22 Ultimate Headset offers both comfort and clear audio performance with a range of features to please everyone.

Compatible with:

CS-OFF, Rugged, Avcomm, PCI Race Radios, RacerX, Procomm, MRC, and other Offroad Intercom Systems

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