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Connect BT2 Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

Connect BT2 Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Helmet

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Seamlessly connect your phone to your helmet with our lightweight Bluetooth Headset!

 The Rugged Connect BT2 uses the latest Bluetooth technology to quickly and easily connect to your phone for convenient streaming of GPS navigation, music, and phone calls - transforming your helmet into the ultimate commuter accessory!


High Fidelity Stereo Music
Rock while you ride! The latest generation Bluetooth technology combined with Alpha Audio Speakers will take your music listening to a new level.


Voice Activated Commands
Take control! Voice activated commands allow riders to play music, send messages or place calls. Stay focused, simply speak.


Bluetooth Audio Priority
Never miss a turn! Turn-by-turn navigation will always have priority even when connected to 2-Way radios or other audio sources.


Digital Speech Processing
Clear at 65! Digital speech processing provides crystal clear audio during phone calls. Background noise is canceled so only the rider's voice is picked up.

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