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H43 Rubberized Behind the Head (BTH) 2-Way Radio Headset

H43 Rubberized Behind the Head (BTH) 2-Way Radio Headset

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Behind-the-Head design. 2-way communication with dynamic mic, PTT, volume control, and universal radio connector makes the H43 one of the most popular headsets from Rugged. In addition, the rubberized coating reduces scratches and aids in audio clarity.

With professional features and superior design, the H43 with flex boom offers both comfort and clear audio performance to handle any need from the track to industrial to construction applications.


  • Stainless steel headband

  • Dynamic noise cancelling mic

  • Volume control

  • Push to talk with waterproof cover

  • 3.5mm scanner/music jack

  • 5 pin universal radio port

  • Large comfortable ear seals

  • High bend test cabling

  • Easy to use volume control

Use with the following coil cords:


Also compatible with the following coil cords with inline push to talk:

Compatible with Racing Radios, Racing Electronics, Racing Communications, Avcomm, and all other racing headset cables with 5 pin TA5FL connector.

Use with the following intercom cables:

CS-9-5P, CS-16-5P, CS-3H-OFF, CC-OFF - Compatible with Avcomm, PCI Race Radios, RacerX, Procomm, MRC, and other offroad sandcar intercom systems Which one is right for you? • Download a PDF or • Quick-View Now!

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