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H60 Dual Radio Behind the Head (BTH) Headset - Black

H60 Dual Radio Behind the Head (BTH) Headset - Black

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Rugged Dual Radio behind-the-head 2-way communication headset. Used in applications from auto racing to heavy industrial, and Fire/Safety, the H60 is the tough reliable 2-way communication headset.

Featuring DNC microphone for clear transmissions and Clear Hear speakers for unsurpassed audio performance. Rugged headsets are built to perform in extreme noise using the latest technology, proprietary technology, and advanced development.

Each radio has their own dedicated speaker and push to talk button. You will hear incoming radio chatter from both radios at the same time.

  • Dual Push to talks for 2 radios

  • Clear Hear audio speakers

  • Background noise cancelling mic

  • Over the head Velcro strap

  • Universal 5 pin dual radio ports

  • Cloth mic muff

Use with the following coil cords:


Also compatible with the following coil cords with inline push to talk:

Compatible with Racing Radios, Racing Electronics, Racing Communications, Avcomm, and all other racing headset cables with 5 pin TA5FL connector.

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