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Offroad Race Kit - Complete RACE SERIES Communication Kit with M1 RACE SERIES Radio and 6100 RACE SERIES Intercom

Offroad Race Kit - Complete RACE SERIES Communication Kit with M1 RACE SERIES Radio and 6100 RACE SERIES Intercom

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Race proven communications to get you to the finish line! 

Purpose-built for off-road racing, the Offroad Race Kit has everything you need to stay connected to your pit / chase truck, clearly communicate with your co-driver, and easily connects with GPS* and satellite phones.

This kit includes the Rugged M1, Professional Business Band mobile radio. The M1 is IP67 waterproof, and engineered from the ground up to endure offroad racing's harshest environments. Paired with our heavy-duty triple shielded race-spec cabling, and performance tuned VHF antenna, critical race day communications are dialed. Transmit to your pit, chase truck, or race ops using the driver or co-driver hole mount Push-To-Talk (PTT) buttons.

In vehicle communications are handled through the RRP6100 PRO Race Series Intercom. Developed for offroad race vehicles, the RRP6100 is the intercom for everything from Trophy Trucks and Ultra4 to UTVs and Class 11. Versatile and feature packed — the RRP6100 is ultimate race intercom! The included Race Series Intercom Cables are OFFROAD wired, featuring NEXUS style plugs, and are compatible OFFROAD wired Helmet Kits and OFFROAD wired Race Helmets.

DSP Chips: This intercom can be equipped with optional Digital Speech Processor Chips (DSP) which dramatically eliminate background noise, delivering clearer voice communications. This is a highly recommended option, especially in loud vehicles.**


Kit Includes:

  • Waterproof RACE SERIES Mobile Radio: M1-V
  • Rugged Tuned VHF RACE SERIES Antenna: VHF-1/2W-SPR
  • 9' RACE SERIES Antenna Cable: NMO-RACE-9C
  • Pro RACE SERIES Intercom**: RRP6100
  • Hole Mount Push-To-Talk (2): PTT-HM-SC
  • 12' RACE SERIES Intercom CablesCS-OFF-RACE-KIT
  • Noise Reduction Active Filter
  • Reusable Cable Ties: R-WRAP


* Use CS-MUSIC-6P-XL (not included) to connect GPS like LeadNav, Lowrance, Magellan, and other devices that use a 3.5mm port.

** The RRP6100 requires (2) DSP Chips. If you wish to add DSP Chips to your intercom, select that option before adding to your cart.


Compatibility: This radio works with all VHF business band radios operating on the same frequencies. Radio models include, but are not limited to: RDM-DB, M1, RDH-X, R1, V3, RM60, RH5R, RDH16, as well as Icom, Motorola, Kenwood business band radios, and more.

Business License is required. Click here to learn more. 

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